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I like your honest view of relationships from a man's perspective :)

Thanks ^_^

Breaking Point

We all reached have reached our own breaking points as some point in our life, for me it was today, I just lost it, I can’t deal with the shit anymore, am I wrong to ask my suppose to be “gf” what secrets she has with this guy that she likes, and then she said, its their secret, what the fuck is wrong with you, you told me you want to sort things out again, but there you go, fucking about, like you don’t care at all,  you keep telling me you wish I was him, cause his nice, he understands you better, i dont listen to you, and he does, you know what go fuck yourself both of you, i cant deal with this bullshit anymore, you say one thing and you do another, I don’t even know sometimes if you really mean what you say anymore, sort your shit out first, I don’t even know why I keep holding on to you, maybe because I just love you…… and don’t tell me I didnt try to fix our relationship this cuz I did, but no, its always about him, I lost you the moment he step in your life…  distance killed us, and he murdered it.. so don’t go blaming me for treating you the way I treat you now, you tried to be nice, give you everything you wanted, ffs, I even let you go on a date with him, because someway somehow I wanna let you realise how different I am to him, and maybe you’ll miss  me again.. but still your heart’s with him…..  you say you care about my feelings? well fuck you..  if you care you wont even think about going out with him, and then telling me, you just wanted to try how it feels to go out with somoene else other me, you’re sick.. I’ve been biting my tongue for the past couple of weeks, but I guess this is my breaking point…..  and why is it, Im always the one that looks bad in our relationship, and I qoute one of hinder’s song

" Everybody thinks they know me
You’re the saint and I’m the phony
But you’re the one who faked it all along
Everybody sees you cryin
Lyin lookin like you’re dyin
Everybody knows what’s goin on
But everybody’s wrong”

and why is it soo hard for you to give him up, if you really love me, you wont even think twice about it,and I can’t believe I fell for your “were just friends” bullshit, even though I saw it coming….  I hope he can treat you better than I did, sorry for not being your idea of a “perfect” boyfriend………

Girls can break hearts too, and I’m gonna break yours :)

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48 ;)

everytime.. i wish i was there with her, but no,  im a thousand miles away :( it sucks

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yes :) and i still do……

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just around 5’6 :P i know im short O.o

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Probably, if I got a chance to get to know her better, and she lives near where I live. why not :D

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nope , B-sian <3 lol , hmong :)

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